Dolphin: tail fin (flukes) thrust evaluation
Rapier X-25: full UAS aerodynamics - PaMS vs OpenFOAM
Military aircraft: effect of the propeller wake on the vertical and horizontal tail before starting the take-off roll with lateral wind
Light twin-engine aircraft: effect of the propeller wakes on the wing lift distribution
In flight refueling: effect of the tanker wake on the receiver lift distribution
Business Jet: rolling and heaving motion with lateral wind
Stratofly: from the delta wing to the stratospheric flight
Turboprop: effect of the combined propeller-wing wake on fuselage and vertical tail at cruise condition
UAV tiltrotor: unsteady aerodynamics (copter mode > tilt > plane mode) of a rough tiltrotor model
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: effect of gust
Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine: effect of the oscillating wind
Contra Rotating Open Rotor: aerodynamic analysis at typical sea-level take-off conditions
Flight speed @ see level:  68 m/s (M=0.2)
AoA: 0deg, 20deg
Rotors: diam. 4.27 m, 8 blades
Rotational velocitiy: 1029 rpm (Mtip=0.69)
MiniTransat 6.50: hull hydrostatics and stability
MiniTransat 6.50: aerodynamics of sails
Aeroelasticity: PaMS-Nastran coupling
UAV joined wing
Car and Bus aerodynamic interference
The Dumned Hunchback: historical aircraft
Fluere     by Paolo Caccavale