PaMS Panel Method Solver
PaMS Panel Method Solver
The PaMS Code is a 3D low-order unsteady Boundary Element Method for the solution of ideal flows (inviscid, incompressible and irrotational) with a numerical methodology based on the third Green’s Identity and the Morino’s formulation.
Main features and capabilities:
external and internal flows;
unstructured mesh allowed (both tria and quad elements);
single and multibody simulations (both thick and thin bodies);
fixed and calculated body motion and/or deformation;
time marching vorton and doublet free trailing edge wake;
computation of pressure directly in both control points and grid points;
treatment of the intersections between two or more bodies;
wake-body aerodynamic interference;
compressibility correction.
Work in progress: non linear water-air free surface.
Future improvement: laminar/turbulent boundary layer, separated flows.
iBMB is the official developer of new customized releases and the sole distributor since 2020.
by Paolo Caccavale