Congresses & Publications 2010-2019
Periodic magazine "A&C Analisi e Calcolo"
  Technical article: “La matematica dei fenomeni di trasporto a servizio della cura personalizzata e della realtà aumentata nell'oncologia”.
JFOE (Journal of Food Engineering)
  Title of the article: “Conjugate heat and mass transfer in drying: A modeling review”.
Periodic magazine "Acquamarina"
  Technical article: “The virtual sail boat and the fluid dynamics”.
IJHMT (International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer)
  Title of the articles: “Convective control to microwave exposure of moist substrates. Part I: Model methodology - Part II: Model validation and application”.
ICVFM congress (International Congress on Vortex Flow and Vortex Methods)
Title of the article: “Unsteady analysis of the vorton wake – wing interaction”.
CEAS-ASC Workshop (Aeroacoustics of high-speed aircraft propellers and open rotors)
Title of the presentation: “Assessment of efficient BEM/FW-H methodologies for the preliminary design of counter rotating open rotors”.
by Paolo Caccavale