Academic Activities
Adjunct Professor at the University of Naples “Federico II”
Course of Aerodynamics of the Rotating Wing at the Aerospace Engineering Department
Course of Naval Numerical Architecture at the Naval Engineering Department

Supervisor of 7 Master degree thesis in aerospace engineering (University of Naples).
Supervisor of 1 Bachelor degree thesis in mechanical engineering (University of Salerno).
Second referee of 1 PhD thesis in chemical engineering (University of Turin).

Organization of the seminar titled “A modern panel method for fluid dynamics analysis: theory and applications of the PaMS code” awarded at University of Naples, Italian Aeronautical Academy, Alenia Aeronautica, Elasis (FIAT group), CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre), MSC Software.
Scientific cooperation at the Aeronautical Design Department (University of Naples) for research and educational activities.
by Paolo Caccavale